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Julia is an innovative and creative Personal and Professional Development Coach who encourages people to cultivate their creative expressions in a way that facilitates emotional-physical-spiritual wellness.

This website looks at PNI and why combining our mind and body care with a level of creative flair (in the form of DAC, Direct Associated Care) can power up our wellness potential. 

Learn more about PNI and the role it plays in innovation and self-creating wellness.

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Public awareness and practical applications of PNI are evolving

I have been a Personal and Professional Development Coach for over a decade, and I am fascinated by our ability to self-generate wellness by combining mind, body and spiritual care in a way that aligns with the principles of PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology)

There is a growing interest in the connective nature of mind, body, and spiritual health. Many health modalities and wellness practitioners have combined their mind and body care to power up their wellness status, and you can do the same, personally and professionally. 


Unity in Wellness 

A combined workforce of mind, body and spiritual workers are at the forefront of bringing the science of PNI  into life; by taking agency and advocacy through the collaborative medium of mind, body, and spiritual wellness. We will see more establishments combining workforces, and it is important that each individual forms part of the process of being and staying well in innovative and creative ways. 

The science of PNI displays how we can become aware of the connective nature of the mind and body to soothe our connective mind-body-spirit. 


Free PNI Course

On this website, I have provided a free PNI Awareness Course that encourages us to build on the principles of PNI. If you would like to attain your PNI Awareness Certification, you can do so by completing the PNI Awareness Test.

Basic Principles of PNI 

The basic principles of PNI blend effectively with health and wellness modalities of all disciplines, as it encourages self-efficacy in a way that helps with the self-inducement of wellness required with any chosen fitness, wellness or recovery program. 

We look at how we can progress in innovative and creative ways to be emotionally, physically, and spiritually eased. 


Bring Science into Life

Be PNI aware, as we all aim to build healthier, happier lives. 

Take the best of care - Julia 


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