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Julia Telling:  PNI Holistic Wellness Guide 

PNI Australia Content Creator and Secretary


A Common Human Purpose

Unity in Wellness 


ThePNI Awareness Course was established in 2014 as a guide to holistic wellness, and it continues to raise awareness of the practical life-enhancing advantages of psychoneuroimmunology and the evolving field of holistic interventions designed to self-induce wellness. 

The PNI Awareness Test and Learning Certificate was established so individuals could show what they learned and use this website to understand the benefits of PNI in a way that facilitates our capacity to self-induce wellness by being professionally supported and self-supportive. 

Belief is our treatment plan is one step. 

Belief in our capacity to generate wellness within ourselves is another. 



PNI is now Popular! 

Thegrowing popularity of the PNI can be attributed to the promotion skills of our certification holders, who add Practical PNI to their range of health and wellness qualifications and skills, and the substantial influential work of Dr Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton (to name 2), who now promote the holistic benefits PNI. 

Practical PNI 

Breaking down extensive science into practical principles of PNI for personal development and application highlights how individuals can independently benefit from PNI by focusing on the informtion can serve as a pathway for understanding the intricate co-dependent nature of the mind-body and how combining modalities; professional care, self-care, and self-efficacy can enhance our well-being.  

PNI Independence   

To avoid over-associating Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) with any specific illness or intervention technique, regardless of its success.

PNI is inherently holistic and encompasses the intricate interactions between the mind, the nervous system, and the immune system.

By limiting its application to a singular modality or illness, we risk narrowing down the potential benefits and opportunities for wellness that PNI offers.

Within the content on this site I have focused on the personal development life-enhancing aspects that are continuously evolving in science.

Learning Certificate

You can test your understanding of PNI by reading the course content, taking the PNI Test, and receiving yourPNI Awareness Certificate. 

PNI Implementation 

PNI belongs to the people.

It is how we apply scientific information that makes the difference.

PNI can be integrated into various professions without losing its independent status.