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Julia Telling is the PNI Awareness Course content creator, secretary and founder of PNI Australia.  

Julia provides information and insights that uncover the aspects of personal development within the science of PNI, illustrating how we can integrate the fundamental principles of PNI into our personal and professional lives to improve our overall wellness. 



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The aim is to claim the best in books; self-help, self-development, stories, poetry, prose, songs, and prayers help us navigate our emotional/physical landscapes to love living our lives.

I have a passion for books and a flair for writing; we can fill in the blanks ... if we find emotional hanks, we will not apologise for it; we will play with it, tame it, and claim the benefits of emotional change. After all reading should be rewarding.

When we bring emotional changes into life, we get to live twice. What I mean by this is that emotional progression from life-deductive thoughts and feelings feels great! But it is the energy from this change of feeling which enables us to live healthier, happier lives, and we need to ensure that we use emotional progression change for personal growth in other areas of our lives. In short, feeling better about reading a self-development book is not enough. Actioning change is where the beauty is. 


'To the mind, the imagination is real. 

Practical and creative content pulls us in by a masterful spin of words, and it is in these words where we can find ourselves on pathways of effective change and development.

What is often overlooked in self-development books is how words are read; how they navigate in our heads is of paramount importance. That is why we do not all resonate with the same book. Some books belong to me, and some books belong to you, and when we find the right one, we know because change happens easily, emotions are abundant, and navigation of the content becomes EXCITING! 

Let me help you find the book that is on your mind.' 

Yes! We want playfulness in our tragedy - we desire hopefulness - and a reason to get out of bed - we want the maximum reward for what we have read - enough said... 


You look after yourself first; that is not a selfish thing to do. (Gosh! How many times have we not done that?... It's ok, today's a different day) 

People need you.

So what the hell!

Give yourself space to be well.

Have a look.

Choose a book.

Be better than you were before.

You are brilliant. 


Holistic wellness is the power of owning your own kiss, and I tell this why. We all sigh if you miss it.

We can cultivate wellness as we live within our skin, hearts, and minds, entwined in togetherness. We need never be alone; there is power in what we own, in our bones. You have yourself, your emotional-physical-spiritual wealth; culivate it. 

Love of self can be a hard lesson to face; you cannot be replaced. After all you've been through, what matters is you.

True xx' 


Self-Applied PNI

Julia's approach to wellness and creativity is holistic and emphasises the connection between the mind and body and our ability to self-generate wellness. Here are some key points from her philosophy:

  1. Uniting Mind and Body:
    • Julia believes that the process of uniting the mind and body is a creative one. This integration is seen as self-generating wellness by increasing vitality and cultivating creativity. This personalised approach to well-being recognises that each individual's path to wellness is unique.
  2. Stress Reduction:
    • The creative process Julia advocates is designed to calm the Bodymind and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. By addressing these aspects, individuals can create a foundation for cultivating creativity and improving overall well-being.
  3. Self-Induced Wellness:
    • The ultimate goal is self-inducing wellness, achieved through the unity of mind and body, with measurable results: increased vitality channelled from and into creativity. 
  4. Cultivation of Creativity:
    • Julia contends that individuals can use their creative potential to self-induce wellness. This activation of creativity is seen as a means of self-expression and a way to recreate one's emotional infrastructure and body-centred awareness to redesign one's life.
  5. Emotional Expression
    • Creativity, in its various forms, allows individuals to be emotionally expressive in ways that are not overwhelming to their internal or external environments.                                                                                                                                   


  1. Redesigning Lives:
    • The transformative power of uniting the mind and body as a creative intervention can be used as a personal and professional development tool for increasing wellness and redesigning lives. By approaching life from a creative standpoint, individuals can bring about positive changes and explore new possibilities.
  2. Measurable Change:
    • Julia asserts that all change is measurable. This implies that the outcomes of the creative process can be observed and quantified. This focus on measurable change aligns with the idea that creativity leads to a healthier and happier life.
  3. Holistic and Bibliotherapeutic Assistance:
    • Julia incorporates a holistic approach to well-being, considering the interconnectedness of various aspects of life. Holistically, she provides a bibliotherapeutic approach, suggesting that literature, reading, and writing play an important role in healing and creativity.
  4. Tailored Guidance:
    • Julia offers personalised assistance by starting with the individual’s desired outcome. This indicates a client-centred approach where the holistic wellness guide works with the individual's goals and aspirations. 


In summary, Julia's philosophy centres on the belief that when applied holistically and focused on well-being, the creative biotherapeutic process can lead to measurable and positive changes in individuals' lives, fostering emotional expression, community engagement, and a happier existence. 




Legal Disclaimer: The information offered by PNI Australia and its content creator, Julia Telling, is intended for informational and educational purposes only. It underscores the following points:

  1. Not a Substitute for Medical Advice: The information provided should not be used as a replacement for the medical expertise and advice of an individual's primary healthcare provider. It encourages individuals to consult with their doctor regarding any decisions about medical treatment or care.
  2. Informational and Educational: The content is designed to provide information and education rather than to offer personal, professional, medical, or psychological advice.
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