Dr Hooman Zahedi

Dr. Hooman Zahedi was the first chiropractor to bring the Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC)™ technique to Australia.

At Complete Chiropractic we offer a personalised holistic approach to health, which is community focused, life-enhancing, and wellness driven.

In 2012 I commissioned Julia to provide PNI training at our clinic for our staff and the general public, with excellent results. We now help our clients and the community to understand and accept that an emotional response during the Chriopractic process is natural. General PNI Awareness helped us to communicate this to our community, and we appreciate the practicle information provide on this website. 


We all benefit from acquiring a mindset of unity in wellness.

What resonates with me in the area of PNI is how science display to us how emotions live in the body not just the mind. It is now well recognised that manipulating the body provides us with emotional as well as physical relief, and this is evident in the emotional response that can be activated during the process of bodily manipulation. 

It is not unusual during the Chriopractic bodywork process for our clients to express emotional sentiments. We encourage our clients to maintain awareness of the feelings attivated at such times, and encourage them to seek professional support for the emotional counterpart of the physically activated change. 

Emotional Activation

An emotional response can be activated during any bodily manipulation process, ranging from an awareness of emotional thoughts to an acute emotive response. I believe it is important that these bodily triggers are not left unattended. As Julia likes to say 'emotional relief and release are not the same,' and a continuation of care that balances the mind and body offers a balanced approach to wellness. 

I hope you enjoy learning about the benefits of PNI

Highlight the benefits of combining, mind, body, spiritual care

It is essential that we all get the right support for all of our needs

Take the time to gain your PNI Awareness Certification and build your community of wellness. 
Dr Hooman Zahedi


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