Build a Network of Support

We become vulnerable to stress when we are feeling lonely or when we become isolated from our friends and family. 

We become vulnerable to stress when we are feeling lonely or isolated. It is important to remember that even the thought that we are supported reduces stress, irrespective of whether we use the support or not.

Feeling that we are supported by others helps us to maintain our desire to be self-supportive.

We can build a network of support both personally and professionally to help us maintain a level of unity within ourselves and within our respective communities.

Note down your network of support and identify any areas where you feel improvements could be made;

improvements may include:

  • Spending time with the people that you love and enjoy being around
  • Building in regular time with friends and family members
  • Seeking a professional who can help with the stressors of life
  • Speak to your doctor if you feel overwhelmed 
  • Keeping in regular contact with people that motivate you to make the changes that you desire
  • Connect with people that have similar goals and interests whilst being open to learning new things 
  • Making time for creative activities; drawing, writing, dancing, book clubs 
  • Aim to have someone in your life that you feel you can talk to about anything
  • Building a professional support network of mind, body, spiritual workers
  • Help others when they feeling down to get the support they need 

Irrespective of how we feel, when we help others feel good, we feel better about ourselves.


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