Principles of PNI

The Principles of PNI have been summarised throughout this section, they form the basic building blocks of PNI Awareness Test.


PNI is a systematic study

of how the mind and body works

 in unity

to enable us to attain optimal health 


  • Emotions are taken into consideration when reviewing our physical health and vice versa 
  • The body and mind is a complete communication system, the mind, and body its organs and systems are one
  • Combining healthcare takes pro-active management 
  • We aim to gain deeper understanding of ourselves and our internal environment to help us activate self-healing 
  • Naturing the mind and body in a unified helps generate a healthy Bodymind.
  • We choose to be supported by professionals while remaining independent, and self-supportive
  • We stay accountable for the choices that we make
  • The placebo effect substantiates the power of our belief
  • A sign of ineffective thinking is displayed to us through feelings associated with stress
  • The nocebo is opposite to the placebo effect
  • We can gain more control of the way we think, feel, and act by understanding our ability to form self-interventions
  • Emotions generate a chemical response that can be measured 
  • We are not one dimensional
  • We can measure, what would be deemed by science as unmeasurable by he way feel 


 Emotional illness is connected to health physiologically.


  • Being conscious of ourselves and our thinking is a proactive way to be aware of our level of health.
  • Thoughts influence our brain, and brain releases chemistry that matches our thoughts.
  • The more we expand our brains intellectually, the more conscious we become of our needs and the solutions required.
  • Despite the advances which have been made in medical science, degenerative diseases and cancer remain a modern-day challenge.
  • We can help or harm ourselves by the way we think, feel, and act.
  • We remain open to self-connection, change and development, and innovative forms of self-care. 
  • We make time to slow down, and combine our mind, body, spirit, soul.


The challenge is

what are we willing to do to support and increase our self-healing potential?

We can control the way we think, feel and act by understanding a range of self-interventions. 

  • Understand the duality of stress
  • Choose to be supported while remaining independent.
  • Manage our perception of life 
  • Build emotional resilience
  • Build of network of support
  • Generate health promoting emotions
  • learn stress management techniques 
  • Gain the skill of relaxation, meditation and mindfulness.
  • Remain accountable for the choices that we make.
  • Amalgamate our healthcare.
  • Attain support that is targeted and tailored to our specific outcomes.
  • Build a community of wellness.
  • Promote hope, health, and happiness.
  • Proactively manage our internal emotional environment, as we deal with the challenges of life. 
  • Activate the correct hormonal response so that stress does not accumulate.
  • Secure the emotional and physical support that we need. 
  • Aim to counteract negative emotions from the body and mind before chronic symptoms emerge.
  • Understand the power of consciousness 


An interview with Bruce Lipton.

Bruce Lipton - 'The Power of Consciousness' - Interview by Iain ...

  • When we review what we think we can identify what thoughts we need to change to bring calmness and clarity to our lives.
  • The body interprets our mental state, and any form of physical damage or neglect contributes to our emotional state.

Candace Pert PhD

'There are bi-directional communication links amongst the nervous system, the endocrine (hormone) system, and the immune system.'


Emotional Physical

The emotional aspects of ourselves determine our physical manifestations.

We don't evolve independently of our thinking.  

Stress modulates the activities of the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems.  

When we change the way we think we change the way we feel.

Q1 Why do we need to care for our physical health?

Q2 Why do we need to care for our emotional health?

Q3 Why should we respect that they are combined?


PNI aims to attain a unified approach to health knowing that the body and mind connected. 


  • Whether we choose to raise our awareness regarding how our emotional health is affecting our physical health is a personal choice. Irrespective of this, our physical and emotional selves cannot and do not separate.
  • Every emotion has a physical counterpart.
  • Every physical ailment has an emotional attachment.
  • Emotions live in the body, not just the mind.
  • Professional care needs to amalgamate with personal care.
  • Changing the way we think changes us biochemically.


Illness doesn't just happen.

  • If we combine inadequate nutrition, lack of emotional support, financial challenges, together with lack of hope, control, and purpose in life, we have created within ourselves an environment for illness and disease.


Self Care Personal and Professional 

  • Building our awareness of the wellness options available to us is something we can do when we feel well to ward off sickness. We don't need to be sick to benefit from the range of wellness treatments available to us.
  • Combining our personal and professional care can be achieved by taking responsibility to combine our mind and body care. We have access to a range of wellness modalities that can help us to release the emotional build-up of physically repressed emotions.
  • Many professionals working with your emotional state will help you to understand the physical impact of emotional pain, strain, illness and disease. That said, we need not give up accountability for ourselves in the art of being and staying well.
  • Self-care is combined care, and we have a responsibility to work with the mind and body directly; at the same time.


Substance of Self 

  • Providing ourselves with good emotional self-management, nutritional wellness, and life-sustaining physical activity requires a level of discipline, education and an ability to be self-supportive.
  • We don't need to know precisely how to achieve our outcomes before we start, but the basic understanding of 'DAC' helps us to maintain a unified approach to wellness.
  • We can choose to focus on keeping our internal systems united in terms of wellness. We need not live in the past, the mind-body-spirit forms a unify expression of self.
  • The mind and body is measurable  in terms of science, with the spirit being difficult to substantiate, this does not mean it lacks substance. 




Benefits to Business

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  • Differentiate your service
  • Connect with other certification holders
  • Add value to your clients
  • Increase your business revenue 


Together we can

  • share the benefits of PNI 
  • heighten the awareness of Psychoneuroimmunology, in the areas of mind, body and spiritual health
  • enable PNI to maintain its independence alongside other modalities



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