What we are thinking affects our health, our sense of wellness, and our ability to self-care.

The presence of stress provides an indicator; the feeling of a loss of control which leads to ineffective thinking.


The feeling of loss of control real or imaginary can be stressful and counterproductive to wellness.

It is important to review our options regarding our health to ensure that the mind is supporting the body and the body is effectively supporting the mind so we can effectively manage our fight or flight response.

It is imperative to differentiate between an actual threat and one that is emotionally induced. This again relates to perception. 

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Internal and External Support 

Feeling in control can also be found in feeling that we are adequately cared for. 

It is vital that we have people around us that are supportive, we may not use the support offered by others, we may never need it, only knowing that it is there provides a feeling of calmness and control.


Build a network of support.

PNI encourages us to immerse ourselves mind body and soul in the pursuit of wellness.

One of our innate resources is freedom of thought, and although we need to be careful not to abuse it, it is important that we do-not fear expressing what we think, this is how we learn and grow. Differences of opinion do not mean we are different people. 

We all manipulate our lives to attain peace of mind.

We often move towards what we are thinking about, and often times we do this without reviewing what resides within our emotional infrastructure. Perception of self, may lead us to underestimating our potential to be well and stay well. We can let good good choices accumulate. How do you know if it is a good choice. You feel better. 

We all feel better when we take the action we need to live healthier, happier lives. 

When we align with the truth of our integrated mind-body-spirit, something happens that seems almost inexplicable. The world around us changes. This leads me on to the saying of 'nothing changes until you do' his sounds harsh, but it's not it liberating.

Taking responsibility for your wellness gives you a feeling of control. Take control of your wellbeing before you become ill. We can choose to be open-minded and embrace the fact that new information changes the way we think, feel and act. Never subtract yourself from living. This is your life, live it as well as you can, even in your deepest darkest moment, know there is more to you, there is more to me, there is more to us.

Knowing you have the ability to carry your burdens and recover from chaos leads to acceptance. Get the support you need. Be supported and self-supportive, we have one life, live it. 

Please read the subheadings under the section 'Wellness.' I hope you choose to gain your "PNI Awareness Certificate' Add it to your range of achievements, and talk about our ability to self-induce wellness. 

Take the best of care

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