PNI Australia (Psychoneuroimmunology)


American Psychological Association

'Chronic Stress can seriously damage the immune system.'



Researches say that chronic stress not only makes people more vulnerable to catching illnesses but can also impair their immune system's ability to respond to its anti-inflammatory signals that are triggered by certain hormones, possibly altering the course of an inflammatory disease.

'It may increase susceptibility to inflammatory disease such as allergic, autoimmune or cardiovascular disease.' 

When we fail to recognise that the state of our mind affects our body, we may leave harmful emotional content unattended, causing internal damage, leading to aches, pains, illness and disease.


Dis-identifying with what is happening may leave us feeling powerless, especially when we think we have no control over the outcome of a particular situation or physical/emotional state. We naturally push thoughts away especially when traumatic events conflict them.  


We can aim to be aware of and control our negative thinking and attain the appropriate support to help us to deal with extreme emotional challenges.


The body and mind do not remain constant - it is changeable, manageable, and unified.