PNI Australia (Psychoneuroimmunology)


We can hold ourselves grateful to the researchers who have put time, energy, and effort into bringing forward information that enables us to be healthier, happier, emotionally, and physically eased.

Emotional Physical Intervention

Identifying what emotionally contributes to physical pain, strain, illness, and disease is paramount to any treatment's success. Research emphasises the importance of expressing emotions appropriately to balance the immune system in a way that allows optimal function.

Mind-Body Chemical Response Activation 

The bodymind is the body's mind that activates a chemical response within us by our Perception. The world around us changes as our perception changes, and we can become innovative and self-creative in our pursuit of wellness.

Candace Pert PhD' 'The bodymind is a vast network of communicating molecules, involving every cell, organ, and system of the organism.'


Emotions are an All-Over Body Experience

When we feel emotional, it is beneficial to identify where the emotion is present in the body. Combined Mind and Body Care enables us to understand where to focus regarding Bodywork, asking where a particular arises directly in the body from an emotional thought.

Although a range of practitioners may consider emotions during treatment, the direct relationship between how and where emotions are physically manifesting needs due consideration. We need to ensure that the required level of physical manipulation is implemented with any emotional intervention program and vice versa.

PNI Awareness

Today's science proves that it is not a case of mind over matter; science shows that thought is matter.

A PNI Awareness

PNI Practitioners will always consider how emotions affect physical health and how physical actions and manipulations affect emotions.

Self-Generating Wellness

The aim is to ensure that a life-enhancing, uplifting chemical response is activated to mitigate negative stress and bring forward a calmer and more coherent internal system that can generate a deeper sense of well-being that shows emotional and physical signs of a healthier immune system.