PNI Australia (Psychoneuroimmunology)



Stress is not intended as a negative; it is a positive force that motivates change.


Eustress can be beneficial to our health as it provides us with the motivation we need to make the changes that we desire.

We become very productive when we challenge ourselves. We have all experienced the pleasure of getting 'the job done', even though at the time we have experienced a level of stress at the time.

We all know what negative stress feels like and the aim is to ensure that stress does not become persistent and accumulative and become acute. 

Stress can motivational, but it can go into overdrive, which is distressful. 


When stress accumulates, and tension builds, the pleasure in attaining our outcome is reduced. When we start to feel we have lost control of any situation anxiety start is generated. What may have previously been viewed as a productive challenge starts to feel restrictive causing us to feel distressed.

It is unrelenting stressful situations that lead to distress. We all have our own story regarding this type of stress. We need to be careful not to act impulsively at stressful times, distress affects our decision making.

 at a time when clarity of mind is required.

When we manage stress it maintains its protective status.

Emotional Accumulation

It is repressed internal stress from difficult life situations that reduce our ability to function at an optimum level. We don't automatically stop thinking about something because it causes us to be stressed/anxious. So we need to counteract unproductive thoughts in an uncomplicated way.

When we push stressful thoughts away, it is important to remember that the emotional connection does not disappear. Emotions accumulate, one negative belief pattern can connect to another building an ineffective mindset contributing to the states known as stress, anxiety and depression.

Dormant Stress

PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder which can develop when people are severely harmed or experience something extremely upsetting. Our projection of life can then become distorted.

Post Traumatic Stress can happen at any time after a disturbing event, even years after.

Stress that is persistent and accumulative can become chronic.

Chronic stress leads to severe mental and physical health problems due to sustained high levels of the chemicals released in the 'fight or flight' response.

This doesn't mean we have to view stress with fear; we need to recognise that it is not to be ignored. 

  • We can build our lifestyle around stress reduction.
  • We can increase our levels of emotional resilience. 
  • We aim to manage stress on an ongoing basis to ensure that it does not inadvertently become chronic.