PNI Australia (Psychoneuroimmunology)


We do not evolve independently of our thinking, emotionally or physically.


Direct Associated Care is a way to combine the body and mind to integrate in a way that ensures we are aware of the innate wellness and recovery system that resides within us. 

We align the mind and body to self-induce wellness.

This practical, creative process can be measured by the feeling of betterment generated by 'directly' combining care. As stated throughout this course, there is no separation of the mind and body, so it is important that we aim to manage the chemical process that is activated from what we call the mind-body connection.

The mind-body alignment process starts with awareness of how and why the body is reactivating emotionally and why and how a physical response activates emotions, and then the mind and bodywork can be correlated accordingly.

Areas of focus also include belief in your ability to be well and stay healthy, together with belief in your chosen wellness and/or treatment program. This is designed to be implemented by 'directly' working with the identified areas of emotional-physical discomfort and the physical-emotional manifestations of disharmony and dis-ease. 

Calming the mind-body connection

D Direct

PNI states the body is the mind and vice versa. 

We aim to treat the mind and body as one unified structure. 

The mind-body connection is understanding the relationship of the body to mindconnection body-mind connection; this is a two-way process; the mind speaks to the body, and the body speaks to the mind. 

The chemical response that is activated from the mind to the bodyand from the body to the mind is a chemical interchange that can be measurable in terms of the activated hormonal response and our general feeling of wellness. 

A Associated

We aim to generate wellness through an understanding of PNI, perception, self-efficacy, self-inducing wellness capabilities and open-mindedness. 

To be aware of the chemical response without disregarding other healing interventions such as spiritual or metaphysical healing.

C Care

Unity in wellness. Ensuring each individual receives combined care and good self-care information and support.



Connecting the mind and body via DAC helps us manage the insidious stress that accumulates in the mind-body spirit. 

When we feel pain in the body, it will have an emotional attachment that needs to be identified and released; otherwise, a level of psychosomatic pain remains unattended. 

Recognising where in the body we are holding pain from the past, present, and future helps us personalise our wellness planning in a way that calms the mind-body by generating a life-sustaining chemical response that eases the whole of self. 

Managing Perceptions                                                                                  

Combining our mind and body care generates a perceptual change through our ability to attain a deeper level of self-governance around our thinking as we relax into the realm of being thought.

In a state of relaxation, we can become aware of the emotional-physical pain that resides in our body and take the steps presented to us in the state to power our wellness potential. 


Marsha Linehan

Marsha Linehan encourages us to view relaxation and meditation as a way to be aware of our thoughts without judgment.

'Awareness without judgment of what is, via direct and immediate experience.'  


DAC is a Personal and Professional Intervention 

The PNI website encourages mind and body professionals to link their services by discussing PNI with each client/patient so that each individual can be aware that there is a physical connection to emotional pain and an emotional connection to physical illnesses.

The aim is to ensure that each individual uses all the resources available for wellness, including their innate healing abilities.  It is no longer a case of mind over matter; science proves that thought is matter.

Each individual can combine the mind and body to manage their chemical response (science) and become aware of the ability to self-soothe, build self-efficacy, and entwine with the essence of self (spiritual).   

The aim is to activate a healthy mind-body by combining care and managing other variable levels of stress that separate us from our capacity to be well and stay healthy.