PNI Australia (Psychoneuroimmunology)


How we respond to change has a direct effect on our wellbeing.

Uncontrolled stress causes surges of cortisol into our system which suppresses immune function.


Change and Growth

Through every challenge that life presents us with, we attain a level of personal growth. 

It is important to feel a sense of control over our lives and manage stress without being hard on ourselves or forceful.


If we try to force things to stay the same because we fear change we could be stunting our personal growth.

It is important to remember that life is fluid. As in nature, we are not designed to be stagnant. Focusing on what we need to do to move forward can be achieved in a positive, relaxed way. 

We have freedom of choice in how we respond to ourselves and our environment.

When the world is changing, we need to change along with it. We can look towards life with a sense of curiosity, as we build our belief in our self and our capacity to embrace change. 

In the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt. 'There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.'