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PNI Awareness Course

The PNI Awareness Course provides information that highlights unity in wellness that aligns with the principles of PNI. The aim is to combine personal and professional care to enable each individual to be part of the process of healing.

Healing of the Self 

We can gain a deeper level of unity in health by understanding how the mind and body co-relate. We can then aim to align ourselves with our ability to self-induce wellness.  Read all of the content in the sections 'Free PNI Course' and Wellness.' These headings can be found in the menu bar.


The PNI Awareness information is free, all you pay for is your certifcate of learning.

The PNI Awareness Certification is provided at a reduced rate, and this keeps the website running and the cost of other PNI related courses affordable. Free information reduces specialisation and privatisation of the subject.  Many professionals do not have time to discuss the practical benefits of PNI, and this website provides a free portal of information in the area of combined mind and body care.


The PNI Awareness Certification is recognised worldwide.

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The PNI Awareness course information is in bite-sized blocks of information for easy understanding.    

PNI information draws our attention to the need to build self-efficacy by managing the chemical response that our thoughts activate whilst combining the energetic stream of healing that unites our sense of self, known as DASC, Direct Associated Self-Care. 


PNI Awareness Certification and Test

Taking the PNI Awareness Test enables people to test their understanding of the information provided and attain a learning certificate. 

The PNI Australia website can be used as a subsidiary website to certification holders. 

The PNI Awareness Certification reduced rate of $299 

Certification holders are predominantly mind, body, and spiritual workers who view wellness holistically and are willing to help others find innovative and creative solutions to combining personal and professional care in a way that self-induces wellness. 


Q and A's

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