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PNI Free Awareness Course

The PNI Awareness course delves into the fusion of mind and body care, providing insights into its intrinsic nature, and highlights how we can combine professional care, self-care, and self-efficacy to provide us with a way to enhance our wellness potential.

We all want to be well and stay healthy.

Breaking down extensive science into practical principles of personal development and tools of application, individuals can independently benefit from PNI by understanding that it serves as a pathway for understanding the intricate nature of the mind-body and how combining professional care, self-care, and self-efficacy can enhance our well-being.  

Free Accessible Information 

Accessing free information on PNI reduces the exclusivity and privatisation of PNI. It promotes independence and allows everyone to benefit from the knowledge shared on this website. 

Affordable Certification

Obtaining the PNI Awareness Learning Certificate at a reduced rate helps support the website and keeps other PNI-related courses affordable. Professionals can use this website as a valuable resource to refer clients to, saving time and providing practical benefits.

PNI Awareness Course

The PNI Awareness Course focuses on the unity of wellness in a way that aligns with the Principles of PNI and the need for DAC. 

The aim is to combine personal and professional care to enable each individual to be part of the healing process.

The course combines personal and professional care to help empower individuals in their pursuit of wellness and recovery.


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The PNI Awareness Test 

Test your understanding; information provided and display your understanding by attaining the PNI Awareness Certificate.  


Easy-To-Understand Content

The PNI Awareness course presents information in easily digestible blocks, allowing for a better understanding of how our thoughts influence our chemical responses and the importance of combining mind-body care.


Certificate Recognised Worldwide 

By completing the PNI Awareness Test, you will receive a globally recognised credential. Click on the 'Certification' tab below for more information. 

Test Your Knowledge

The PNI Awareness Test allows individuals to assess their understanding of the course material and obtain a learning certificate. Certification holders can benefit from the subsidiary resources available on the PNI Australia website.

Certification at a Reduced Price The PNI Awareness Test and Certification are available at a reduced cost of $299.


PNI Awareness Learning Certificate reduce the cost 

Certification holders embrace holistic wellness and are dedicated to helping others find innovative and creative ways to integrate personal and professional care in a way that highlights our ability to self-induce wellness.






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