PNI Australia (Psychoneuroimmunology)


I am wondering if this certificate is recognized in the states also?


The certification can be added to a range of health modalities anywhere in the world. It is a generic certification in the area of science, displaying an interest in PNI and personal development with a desire to promote the benefits of the interrelated aspects of mind-body care. 

Attaining the certification shows that you have studied the information on the site and you have then taken the time to consolidate your learnings through the certification process. 

The PNI Australia website also enables certification holders to advertise their business. We intend to add an overseas practitioners section; we will inform all certification holders when this is implemented. 

Good luck with your certification. Let us know how you go; keep in touch.


Would it be ok if I used the information from the PNI Australia website on my website? I am a certification holder. 


If you would like to use the website as an informational resource just set up a link from your website to the PNI site.


Q Are all of the questions in the test related to the information on the PNI Website?


The questions in the certification test relate to key points of information on the website. 

Key points of information are highlighted in green. 


Q Is the Certification designed for business purposes only. 


The certification is for personal and professional development.

The PNI Test is a consolidation process.

Achieving the certification displays a personal understanding of PNI which can be used to enhance your business profile. 

If you need further clarification on this, please feel free to contact us again.


Q I enjoyed the section on Psychosomatics. Does this mean that negative thinking is responsible for making us ill?


It is believed that a Psychosomatic illness is an emotionally induced illness, where emotions lead directly to physical diseases, by lowering our resistance.

Irrational thought processes and suppressed emotions all play a part in the manifestation of emotional confusion and physical ailments.

Look up 'somatization' Somatization is a term used to describe the conversion of psychological distress into physical illness.


Q Please summarise what I need to do to get certified. What is the pass mark? How many times can I take the test? Are there any additional costs? 


To become certified you need to:

  • read the full content of the website
  • pay attention to the areas highlighted in green
  • click on the certification tab
  • complete the PNI Registration Form
  • take part in the PNI Test
  • achieve a 90% Pass Mark

There are no additional costs.

Re-takes of the test are unlimited. We suggest that you re-read the website information if you do not achieve the 90% pass mark required to attain the certificate.

Q What does the Certification Test involve?


The test consists of 80 multiple choice questions; testing your knowledge and understanding in the area of PNI.


Emily Year 12

Do you believe that diet could affect mental health? Please explain your answer.

Our thoughts are not separate from our body.

Think of ‘diet in terms of what we eat and drink and what we think and feel. 

Negative thoughts patterns generate a chemical response in our system, that can lower immunity, reducing our ability to ward off stress, illness, disease.

Positive life-enhancing thoughts generate feelings of hopefulness that help us to remain calm and connected, to self and others. Negative life reductive thoughts can accumulate effecting our outlook on life.

The key is AWARENESS of life-enhancing thoughts and life-sustaining food, combine the two, and be mindful of the accumulation of negative thoughts and choices.

Answered by Julia Telling PNI Administration 


Message: Hi. I live in the US, and would like to take this course online and become certified. Is this possible?


PNI Australia offers a PNI Awareness Certification that is available worldwide.

Tap on the link CERTIFICATION for how to attain your certificate. 

You can register on the PRACTITIONER site and let others know of your commitment to holistic health. 

We hope you enjoy reading the information on the site. 

Keep in touch 
Answered by Julia PNI Administration