PNI Australia (Psychoneuroimmunology)


We can alter genetic memory.

Science now provides the proof that can lead us to change how we view health and how we manage ourselves.


Genetic memory can be altered through the process of positive thinking and visualisation which simulates a positive emotional state and adjusts a negative one. 


Affirmations are a powerful wellness tool.

Affirmations can reflect the way we desire things to be irrespective of circumstance; this is in alignment with self-efficacy.

Louise L Hay uses the affirmation process extensively throughout her work with outstanding results.

Personalised affirmations are extremely powerful especially when they are in direct alignment with the outcome that is desired.

Affirmations are always in present tense - we are like this now. We allow our imagination to roam free building an experiential image in our minds. 

The aim is not to override the mind/body. We aim to relax, visualise, and generate within ourselves an environment conducive to wellness.


 A powerful generic affirmation is 'I am healthy, happy, emotionally, physically, spiritually eased.'