PNI Australia (Psychoneuroimmunology)


Self-Efficacy can play a Significant Role in how we Approach Challenges. 

Self-Efficacy is; 

  • belief in oneself irrespective of circumstance.
  • confidence in our self in our recovery and future wellness.
  • trust in the power of our mind.

Believing that a pill is of a therapeutic composition benefits us physiologically, irrespective of the potency of the pill. 

When doctors refer to the "placebo effect," they are talking about the belief in the efficacy of the treatment; a positive attitude to any therapy is vital to recovery. 


A Presupposition of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) is that we must believe.

Feelings affect equivalent to medication.

Belief in our treatment plan is as important as the treatment itself.


Self-Efficacy; belief in self is the placebo.

The placebo effect proves the power of the mind; the placebo effect is the potency of our belief.