Spiritual is an aspect of self that forms the whole of self.

We are mind, body, spirit, a unified whole, that also includes the concept of the 'soul.' This may sound a little abstract, but it is practical way to view ourselves without fragmentation.

Spiritual not as something that is set apart from the self but as an ordinary part of ourselves.

We often find, due to our environment that we separate aspects of ourselves in terms of wellness; emotional health, mental health, physical health, and spiritual health. To be in the best personal health, we need to ensure we care for ourselves as a whole person. 

This leads us to focus on our internal and external resources. We can attain external support in all area of wellness, and we need to ensure that we do not give up accountability, we are the generators of wellness.


Spirituality from a PNI and personal development perspective can be defined as a person who uses all of their internal resources effectively.  


Personal resources such as our creativity, intuition, and healing powers are all definitions of our internal power.

These powers are not gifted to the chosen few, they are accessible to us all. 

We have a choice to connect to the resources within.


Attending to our spiritual selves may sound mystical like it is something we can choose to believe in, or not, but spiritual is who we are; we all feel an essence of self that is intangible but viewing self in a practical way can be uplifting and grounding.


Our spiritual selves are an innate part of our human make up, providing practical tools that serve and support us in dealing with the ebb and flow of life.

'Spiritual' can mean different things to different people, but a practical definition can be found in trusting of self.

Throughout the ages, people have turned to spirituality to muster the courage needed to face a crisis in their lives.

We start looking within ourselves for the support that we need when we realise that irrespective of external support we need something more. We can find the strength we need by connecting to our selves in a way that holistically generates wellness. 

'Holistic' meaning that the mind body and spirit is attended to in all aspects of health by combining care.

We don't need to wait for a crisis to use our creativity, intuition, and healing powers. Understanding that we have resources within that, we are already using removes the mystery surrounding the resources the reside within us all. 

We all have resources within us which allow us to be in alignment with our true sense of self. 

When we are out of alignment, we feel a dominant force within us that desires change, we perceive this force as stress.


Stress is an indicator that we need to adjust our thinking.

Researchers have found that boosting our self-esteem can strengthen our emotional immune systems.

A variety of studies demonstrate that a sense of control, a positive and progressive outlook, combined with self-care, result in the building of emotional resilience; which effectively reduces negative stress.

We are starting to understand that the way we think is a full body experience. What we think we feel, and it is important to remember, especially in times of stress, that what we think can be distorted.


We can change our perception.

If we can imagine better health, a better life, a calmer existence then we should take the time required to connect with ourselves to generate this vision.


Connect with your sense of self, your strength, your resilience, your love, your healing; your ability to self-care. 

To the mind the imagination is real. 


Think about the above sentence 'to the mind the imagination is real' what action do you feel you should take with this in mind?

How can you serve you, to live a better day every day? 


PNI leads the way, but without awareness, there is no vision, no action, no change. 

Reflective thinking, self-compassion, affirmations, creative innovations such as writing, drawing, and painting, together with mindfulness and meditation are some of the tools that build self-efficacy and promote a productive mindset.

Irrespective of the challenge, we are in control of the way we perceive our lives. 

On a final note, we are spiritual, irrespective of how we perceive ourselves to be.


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