External Support

External care has nurtured many of us to the point of unaccountability.

Attaining an understanding of PNI and how it contributes to our levels of emotional, physical and spiritual wellness can be achieved in a personalised, proactive way.

We have been so focused on external care that we have not fully cultivated the resources that reside within us. 

Building our spiritual awareness can provide us with the strength we need at challenging times. We can emotionally support ourselves by considering what spiritual means to us; spiritual is an ambiguous concept, but it can be generically discussed as internal resources; beliefs, values, and abilities that personalise health solutions of the individual so that they connect with there own inner resources to promote wellness. 

Connecting with our innate healing abilities is a skill.

Mindfulness and Meditation are proven modalities for stress reduction together with social support, creative outlets, friendships, loving relationships all play their part in generating a good hormonal response that helps us feel healthier and happier.

Mindfulness, diligence, feeling strong and in control is not something that happens to us but is something that is accomplished by us. Our imagination and intuition can play a supportive role in wellness planning.

Western Medicine

This does not mean that westernised medicine, surgery, and prescription drugs have become less of a resource regarding wellness. What we can aim to do is review our options regarding external support while we are connecting with the healing abilities that we can generate within.



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